The Threat of the Internet

Think back 25 – 30 years ago when we didn’t have the Internet. Research was done manually from different sources like the library, encyclopedias, etc. If you needed driving directions you used a map. If you needed to find someone’s phone number, you used a phone book.

Now that we have the Internet, while it has created so many conveniences including making it easier and more efficient to run a business, it also comes with a multitude of unforeseen threats.

These threats have become a reality for too many companies, whether it’s Ransomware costing them thousands, or data breaches that end up exposing confidential information. But, as fast as Cyber Security solutions have grown, the hacking world of Cyber Criminals has grown much faster. This evolution of Cyber Crimes is all the more reason to make sure your Eye Care Practice is protected from potential threats.

codexIT, the only IT provider in the country that specializes in the Eye Care industry, creates back-up solutions tailored to your practice that not only meet the requirements of HIPAA legislation, but our solutions also ensure your practice will continue to operate after any type of disaster. We provide you with peace of mind so you can run your practice, while we protect it. 

Schedule a Risk Assessment today to determine whether your practice is protected from Ransomware.  Visit

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