Managed Practice Support in Healthcare

At CodexIT, we provide full-service IT support and management for medical practices using a fixed-cost managed service provider model. This allows you to accurately budget for IT without surprise expenses.

We support and monitor all aspects of your practice’s IT infrastructure including workstations, servers, networking equipment, firewalls, printers, EHR systems, practice management software, diagnostic equipment, and more. Our techs understand eye care workflows and technology. You don’t have to explain OCT imaging or how a system outage affects patient care.

With 20 years of experience working exclusively supporting eye care IT, our expertise is unmatched. We have direct relationships with major vendors to expedite issue resolution when needed. Our extensive experience also allows us to handle common problems that would normally require contacting multiple vendors.

Our philosophy is that even if an issue is not our fault, resolving it is still our responsibility. No matter what resources are required, we will bring them to bear to get your practice back up and running.

With CodexIT as your partner, your staff only needs to make one call when trouble strikes. We’ll take care of the rest, so you can get back to caring for patients. Our goal is seamless IT support tailored for eye care.

What is Managed IT Services in Eye Care?

Managed IT services in healthcare (and eye care) refer to outsourcing some or all of a healthcare organization’s IT operations and infrastructure to an external managed services provider (MSP). The MSP takes over responsibility for managing, maintaining, and supporting the healthcare provider’s IT systems according to agreed upon service levels.

Some typical managed IT services include:

Key benefits of managed IT services for Eye Care providers include:

  • Access to specialized expertise and industry best practices
  • Ability to focus more resources on core medical services
  • Reduced IT costs through economies of scale
  • Enhanced cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance
  • Improved reliability and performance of IT systems
  • Flexibility to scale IT as needs change
  • Access to skilled service technicians for specialized diagnostic equipment
  • Custom software solutions

The ultimate goals are to leverage outside IT expertise, reduce IT burdens, and enable Eye Care providers to focus on delivering better patient care. Managed services allow small and mid-sized practices to access enterprise-grade solutions.

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