HIPAA Compliance and Security for Eye Care Practices

At CodexIT, we specialize in HIPAA compliance solutions tailored for optometry and ophthalmology practices. Our suite of security software helps ensure you meet the technology safeguard requirements outlined in the HIPAA guidelines.

As custodians of protected health information, maintaining continuous access is critical. HIPAA requires covered entities to have disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Our customized IT backup solutions not only satisfy HIPAA’s requirements but also ensure your practice can maintain operations if disaster strikes.

We tailor comprehensive backup plans designed specifically for your practice’s needs. Our solutions aim to satisfy HIPAA compliance standards while keeping your practice up and running in the face of disasters, both natural and human-caused.

HIPAA Compliant Technology

As healthcare becomes more digital, maintaining secure technology protocols and systems becomes a larger undertaking. From cloud-hosted EHR and data backup and recovery programs, to application access and complaint email solutions, making sure your technology stack meets regulations and partnering with an MSP that knows the industry can go a long way.

HIPAA Compliance Audits

Is your practice in compliance? Do you know for sure? Along with managed IT services, Codex can provide HIPAA compliance audits and risk assessments for practices we work with.

HIPAA Risk Assessments

Risks for breaching HIPAA requirements exist both at the human and technology level. By working with Codex, you can assure your practice is aware of and remediating any potential HIPAA compliance risks.

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