EHR and Diagnostic Equipment Support

Our 15+ years exclusively supporting eye care practices have allowed us to develop strong relationships with every major EHR and diagnostic equipment vendor in the industry. We can support, maintain, back up, and optimize your practice management, EHR systems, and diagnostic equipment – whether hosted in our cloud, another cloud, or on your premises.

Each Technician at CodexIT goes through a rigorous multi-week training program to learn the in’s and out’s of all major eye care technology and diagnostic equipment and software systems. We pride ourselves on reading the manual.

In addition, our specialized expertise facilitates seamless integration between your EHR software and diagnostic equipment, eliminating frustrating system barriers. We can build interfaces to connect any equipment and import data directly into your EHR, improving practice workflow and the patient experience.

Whether integrating discrete numerical data from auto-refractors and lensometers, or complex imaging data from retinal cameras and OCTs, we will get it into your EHR. We can even integrate legacy equipment you may have been told was not integrable – reducing transcription errors and speeding up patient workups.

With our unmatched vendor relationships and industry knowledge, CodexIT makes your practice’s technology work for you.

We break down technical barriers to optimize systems, unite disconnected data sources, and allow you to focus on delivering exceptional eye care.

Hosting Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records (EHRs) are software systems that document, store, retrieve, share, and analyze patient information. EHRs can be hosted locally or remotely in the cloud.

Cloud-based EHRs store medical records on remote servers and allow access via the internet.

With managed hosting, CodexIT manages the hosting and storage of your EHR data and practices access it online.

Cloud-based EHRs facilitate secure information sharing and analysis while eliminating local IT overhead. However, practices must ensure compliance and data security with remote hosting. The nationwide trend is practices moving towards cloud-based systems with managed IT providers.

Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment Support

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