EastWest 2009

Another great EastWest was had this year in Cleveland.  Kudos to the Ohio Optometric Association for another great show.

Codex again sponsored the show’s Internet Café.  This year we also hosted a late night buffet Friday night at the Marriott after Fat Fish Blue for Bad Habits and co., clients and friends.

Many questions concerning the transition to EMR were discussed both on the exhibit floor and late into the night.  This seems to be on everyone’s mind, even those who have already made the switch.

Before Q’s:  How will it effect my practice flow?  Will we have to close the office for a few days?  What happens if my computers act up?

After Q’s:  Things just aren’t working like promised.  The VSP integration isn’t working! It is just so SLOW!!!

We’ve got the answers.  We know EMR.  Get in touch with us and let us help make your transition smooth and painless.

P.S.  As for the picture, if you were there you know; if not it’s quite the non sequitur…

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