Managed IT Services for Healthcare Practices in Ohio

Medical practices throughout Ohio rely on CodexIT to provide managed IT services to their clinic.

We provide in-office and remote support, enabling medical providers to continue focusing on patient care while we handle the technology.

Managed healthcare IT services provider

Managed Practice Technology Support

We provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support for all of a practice’s critical IT systems and infrastructure. This allows clinicians and staff to focus on patient care rather than technology issues. Our technicians remotely manage servers, workstations, networks, EHR systems, and more to optimize performance and reliability.

EHR & PM Implementation

We guide healthcare organizations through selecting, customizing, testing, training, and launching new electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems. Our experts manage the complex stages of implementation planning, data migration, workflow analysis, system integration, staff education, and go-live preparation. We ensure a smooth transition that maximizes the benefits of EHR/PM solutions.

PM, EHR & Diagnostic Equipment Support

We troubleshoot issues with EHR and PM software, interfaces, databases as well as connectivity problems with medical devices like refractive lasers, imaging equipment, and instruments. Our technical staff quickly diagnose problems, implement solutions, and provide ongoing support so technology optimally enables patient care.

HIPAA SRA & Security Compliance Training

We conduct comprehensive HIPAA risk analyses and provide tailored compliance training for all practice staff members. Annual security risk assessments identify vulnerabilities, while our education programs teach employees strategies to protect patient data and avoid costly data breaches. We help implement policies, systems, and responses to enhance compliance.

Security & Breach Compliance

If a breach occurs, we rapidly mobilize incident response teams to fully investigate causes while alerting patients, regulators, and other entities as required by law. We advise healthcare organizations in developing data security improvement plans after breaches. Our experts stay current on the complex regulatory environment to maintain compliance.

MIPS Consulting & Process Enhancement

We help clients maximize Medicare incentive payments by providing MIPS consulting and guiding process improvements around quality, cost reduction, promoting interoperability, and more. Our experts are current on measures and regulations so we can ensure your systems, workflows and reporting fully align with program requirements.

Cloud Hosting and Data Backups

We provide HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting including disaster recovery services to securely maintain availability of patient information. Our redundant offsite servers allow access from any location while data backups facilitate recovery from technology failures or natural disasters. High encryption safeguards PHI.

Clinical Workflow Consulting

By thoroughly analyzing EHR use, staff responsibilities, and patient care workflows, we identify opportunities for efficiency gains, data optimization, improved consistency, and reduced costs. Our consultants then design revised workflows and assist in implementing appropriate changes to enhance coordinated patient care across the organization.

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