Get Compliant with Windows 7 – It Matters.

Eye Care practices throughout the country strive to operate on the latest technology platforms to ensure efficiency, stay compliant, and provide the best patient care. Yet, some practices may be slower to upgrade and are operating with older systems, such as Windows 7, that are attached to older Diagnostic Equipment.

If you’re one of those practices, here are two different solutions to keep you compliant until you upgrade those Windows 7 machines that are connected to your older Diagnostic Equipment:

Solution #1: Purchase Security Updates

The first and best solution is to purchase Extended Security Updates (ESU) from Microsoft for the machine. This continues to give critical security updates for Windows 7 and is an annual subscription of around $75, renewable until the end of 2022.

Solution #2: Tighten Up the Reins

The second solution would be to tighten the security on the machine to the point that it cannot communicate with anything other than the local network. To do this you need to install security software that still protects legacy systems and then notate the risk and how you’ve mitigated it on your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment.

codexIT is the only IT provider in the country that specializes in the Eye Care industry and we know the importance of keeping your practice compliant.

We would love to help you identify which solution is best for your practice. Call us at 614.486.9900 or email

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